Transformers Devastation PS4 PlayStation 4 PS3 PlayStation

Save for High Moon Studios' slick Cybertron titles, the Transformers brand has been subject to some pretty dire tie-ins. Much like Rodimus Prime, though, Activision is looking to rise again, with the gob-stoppingly awesome Transformers: Devastation. Our friends over at Pure Xbox managed to nab the first set of screenshots from the cel-shaded affair, and while there's no confirmation that it'll be coming to PlayStation platforms just yet – well, it seems likely, doesn't it?

The game appears to be some kind of brawler based upon the Generation 1 cartoon series, and shots show favourites such as Optimus Prime taking on the likes of Devastator and more. Early speculation suggests that Platinum Games is developing this one, which would make sense, as the Japanese studio collaborated with Activision on the equally fanservicey Legend of Korra. All we know is that we want this... Like, right now. Expect more to be revealed over the coming days.

Update (23:45 BST): It's now been confirmed that Platinum Games is the developer of this promising title. More information through here.