Shenmue III PS4 PlayStation 4 2

Shenmue III has rocketed past $3 million, meaning that it's time for some new Stretch Goals to be added to the campaign. These focus on Baisha Village, one of the three main hub areas in the game. The additions run from $4 million to $5 million, and include additional quests, mini-games, and battle events. If we had to guess, Yu Suzuki and his team will probably be hoping to raise $7 million, which should be enough to expand all of the locations in the release.

To be perfectly blunt, this crowdfunding campaign isn't being run as well as other recent ones, as there's very little information on what some of the Stretch Goals entail – Character Perspective System, anyone? – but we're still basking in the glory of a world where Shenmue III exists. If you're a backer, what kind of announcement would convince you to up your pledge? Personally, we'd quite like a boxed copy of the title for the PS4, so we hope that that gets figured out.