We've known that Horizon was in production for about a year now, but actually seeing Guerilla Games' new IP in action has shown us that it very well may be a big hitter for the PlayStation 4. It's clear that Sony has faith in the project, too, as it was the second game to be shown off during its press conference.

After humanity falls into darkness and civilization comes to an end, monstrous, mechanical dinosaurs roam the earth. You live in a tribe and - get this - kill those dinosaurs. To be honest, the gameplay reminded us quite a bit of 2013's Tomb Raider, especially with the heroine's use of her bow. All we know on a release date is that the game is coming in 2016, but with this being a big exclusive, we don't doubt that Sony will be pushing it like crazy. What do you think, though? Roam the comments below.