Horizon PS4 Guerrilla Games 1

There’s no doubt that the Killzone franchise has divided gamers, but Guerrilla Games has never disappointed from a technical perspective. While it’s certainly failed to take advantage of the vast amount of lore created for its sci-fi series, every single one of its exclusive first-person shooters have been a spectacle – from the original so-called ‘Halo beater’ right through to last year’s Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The next challenge for the Sony subsidiary, then, is to create a world that everyone cares about – and Horizon, the rumoured role-playing game in production at the Dutch developer, certainly appears to be shaping up nicely on the evidence of these images. We’ve heard whispers in the past that the release will be set in some kind of futuristic world occupied by cybernetic dinosaurs, and these leaked pieces of artwork definitely show that.

The pictures have been around for a few days, but given the Chinese forum source, we decided not to post them straight away. Still, three images have leaked now, and, whether they’re genuine or not, they certainly corroborate with the speculation that we’ve been privy to. Frankly, given the firm’s penchant for gob stopping visuals, we want these to be real, as the Amsterdam-based outfit is probably the only organisation on the planet that could do these drawings justice.

Horizon PS4 Guerrilla Games 2
Horizon PS4 Guerrilla Games 3

[source bbs.a9vg.com, via neogaf.com]