Horizon PlayStation 4 PS4 Exclusive Guerrilla Games

A new Horizon on the PlayStation 4 awaits, as evidence of the imminent announcement of Guerrilla Games' long-in-development open world role-playing release mounts. The title, which was teased via a series of leaked artwork earlier in the year, now has an official domain name – indicating that an unveiling is imminent.

Poria Torkan, who served as a producer at the first-party firm for almost five years, registered HorizontheGame.com, HorizontheGame.net, and HorizontheGame.org in late March. The addresses point to placeholder pages at the minute, but will likely be updated once the title is officially announced. The timing is interesting, as the studio just created a Twitter account, too.

Despite leaving the developer last month for Bungie, Torkan was intricately aware of the studio's in-production project; he told Eurogamer.net in 2014 that it's "really awesome" but "if I say one word people will kill me". The aforementioned artwork for the adventure hinted at a fusion of styles, marrying medieval-esque weaponry with robot dinosaurs.

While this is not a confirmation of an E3 reveal by any stretch of the imagination, we reckon that the pieces are starting to fall into place. Managing director Hermen Hulst is en route to Los Angeles now, where he's very likely to reveal more about the developer's first non-Killzone game in over a decade. Is your body ready?