Dying in video games is never a good thing, right? Well, that's typically the case, but Life Goes On: Done to Death from Infinite Monkeys Entertainment [Terrible name – Ed] subverts a few rules. The idea in this morbid PlayStation 4 release is that you must use your character's dead body in order to overcome various trials and tribulations. Climbing atop a stack of corpses, for example, may help you to reach a platform that was previously inaccessible.

This ridiculous release originally launched on the PC, but is being expanded with new content and tailored to Sony's super machine. "The game has been running amazingly on the PS4, and we're confident that players will be impressed," said producer David Holmes. "It's been lots of fun playing with the features of the DualShock 4, like playing the knight's death cries through the speaker and creating custom rumble effects for each way a knight can die."

Expect the experience to keel over some time "later this year" on the PlayStation Store.

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