Chipping in

Back in April, Bungie announced that it would be selling Destiny t-shirts with codes for in-game shaders and emblems to support victims of the recent Nepal earthquake, which took the lives of nearly 9,000 people. The turnout was more than anyone could have hoped for, though, as it was announced today that it managed to raise well over a million dollars – $1,026,006.80, to be exact. Aside from two $50,000 contributions from the Bungie Foundation and Activision, the proceeds came solely from fans.

Thomas Tighe, the president and CEO of Direct Relief, was thankful to see a community come together and donate. "This was an astounding act of generosity on the part of Bungie and the larger Bungie community, and we at Direct Relief are deeply grateful – beyond what can be expressed in words," he said. "Most importantly, the Bungie community's amazing support will translate immediately and directly into help for people in Nepal who experienced a tremendous blow, are in a very difficult and more vulnerable situation now as monsoon season nears, and also have a long, tough road ahead. Every penny will be spent to help strengthen essential health services that were needed before the earthquakes and much more so now."

As for the shirts, Bungie has said that they're being shipped as we speak. It's a first come, first served situation, so some may take a bit longer to arrive than others. The in-game content will require an update and will roll out sometime this summer. In the same community post, a spokesperson announced that Bungie would be at E3 this month. Apparently the developer has some things to tease.