Battleborn PS4 PlayStation 4 Trailers

If you're the kind of person that believes variety is the spice of life, then Battleborn may just be the PlayStation 4 game for you. Following a vague reveal in July last year, developer Gearbox has outlined its shooter-cross-MOBA in a little more detail, announcing that the full release will feature a whopping 25 characters for you to select from. Such choice, much value.

Each of these heroes, known as Battleborn, will boast unique abilities and weapons. The story goes that the power has been sapped from all of the universe's stars – well, except one. This remaining ball of energy naturally leads to conflict, as factions fight over the scant resources that remain. However, when a mysterious enemy arrives to plunge the universe into total darkness, it's down to the galaxy's most powerful warriors to fight back.

Of course, all of this is just an excuse for some all-new lootin'-and-shootin'. The game's story mode will be playable in both single player and with up to five friends co-operatively. It'll boast split-screen and local play, and will be entirely modular, allowing you to pick which missions you want to play. You'll also be able to return to earlier stages in order to score better loot.

It's the aforementioned Heroes that are the stars of the show, though – and they'll each be totally original. An accelerated character growth system will see you level-up to your maximum capabilities in a single round, which is where the MOBA aspect comes into play. However, competitive multiplayer modes such as Incursion will take the Dota-inspired action further; here you'll need to defend your base from AI-controlled minions, while overwhelming your opponents' stronghold at the same time.

And there'll be a persistent progression system which will span both the competitive and story suite, enabling you to unlock fresh augmentations for your protagonist of choice, and unlock new badges, titles, and icons with which to impress your friends. Honestly, we reckon that this all sounds pretty rad – but check out the trailer if you don't believe us.