If you thought that Farming Simulator 15 was the only uber-niche release out on the PlayStation 4 this week, then you probably haven't heard of Toro – a bullfighting game only available in Spain. According to the Amazon.es product description – which is legit, by the way – this title will test your "skills, reflexes, and agility against bulls of more than 500kg in some of the most famous arenas in the world".

In addition to the core campaign, there'll also be minigames, with fun promised for the whole family. Look, we're not going to go all PETA on your ass, but are bullfights really considered appropriate children's entertainment – even in España? To be honest, it probably doesn't matter, as the title looks absolutely terri-bull. No, really – it looks like a smartphone game running in 1080p. Don't expect a worldwide release.

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