Fus ro damn, that's expensive

There's plenty of cool video game merchandise out there: figurines, t-shirts, wallets... Oh, and life size busts of your favourite characters. Yep, Bethesda's online store now has 600 hand-painted, polystone Dragonborn statues for sale. They stand at 25 inches and cost $650 a pop. If you'd rather, though, you can pay for one in smaller monthly increments.

Maybe that price isn't too far off from being fair when you consider that such a small number of the heads are being produced, but we still presume that only the most dedicated – and wealthy – of Elder Scrolls fans will be putting this product in their carts.

This actually isn't the first time that someone's made one of these for a gaming icon, either; In fact, Kratos got the same treatment last year. But what do you think of Bethesda's pricey piece of memorabilia? Dragon shout in the comments section below.

[source store.bethsoft.com, via ign.com]