Mass Effect PS4 PlayStation 4

We already know a good amount about Mass Effect's new-gen debut, largely because an enormous pool of information recently leaked. Prior to that, though, EA's sequel has been subject to some of the most frustrating teases of all time, with BioWare employees posting pictures of people in motion capture suits – and expecting us to get all excited.

This latest tweet by producer Michael Gamble really takes the biscuit, though. Overnight, he uploaded an image of a photograph from space, showing an arc – we've no idea what the technical term is – similar to the one employed in the sci-fi series' logo. This prompted all sorts of speculation, before he followed up ten hours later simply saying that he thinks that the "picture is fantastic".

Maybe, as consumers desperate for information on a forthcoming game, the fault's with us for taking Gamble's cryptic picture out of context. But, y'know what: he knew exactly how people would react when posting an astronomy image without explanation. Perhaps it's time that the people of BioWare stopped teasing, and started showing.

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