Holy heck! Would you look at that? That's a behind the scenes photo from the production of the next Mass Effect game. It's incredibly interesting, because it's about Mass Effect, and everyone quite likes Mass Effect.

BioWare's next big project will more than likely be properly revealed over the coming months, but in the meantime, we're just so glad that we've got this picture to inspect over and over again. We just can't get enough of that guy in the motion capture suit, and maybe the time on the camera is some sort of cryptic clue about the game? Crazy, we know, but we're just so excited about how cool this photo is.

And just think, we were betting on today being a slow news day - but we've seen this little beauty pop up all over the biggest sites on the 'net, so it must be pretty important. Are you enthralled? Enraptured? Is this not gaming journalism at its finest? Share your hopes and dreams in the comments section below.