Witcher 3 Grounded Griffin

By now, we all know that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may have some technical issues on the PlayStation 4, which includes minor bugs, glitches, and, the most dreaded of all: a choppy frame rate. CD Projekt Red's recently gone on record saying that it's already addressed these issues, and a patch that's now available to download on Sony's newest console perhaps backs up that claim.

Accessed by those who have gotten their hands on the game early, the patch notes promise multiple stability fixes and overall performance improvements. The update also prepares the open world title for upcoming downloadable content, and tweaks numerous quest, user interface, mapping, artificial intelligence, and combat issues. You can peruse the full list of changes through here.

With any luck, Geralt's escapades will be smooth as butter for you lot when the game launches next week, but until then, rant and rave in the comments section below.

[source neogaf.com]