inFAMOUS: First Light PS4 PlayStation 4

Sony first-party Sucker Punch has taken another step towards PlayStation production powerhouse status, as it's just added the finishing touches to its own internal motion capture studio. Billy Harper, who's the Character and Cinematic Supervisor at the company, revealed the tidbit on Twitter, after taking photographs of the new environment. "Just got real up in here," he said, copying in the developer's official account.

We already know that the Seattle-based organisation intends to push its characters to the next level, as a recent job listing suggested that it still has "big ambitions" and aims to "drop jaws" with its next PlayStation 4 project. Previous rumours have hinted that this will be an open world title of some kind, so an inFAMOUS sequel is a safe bet. Here's hoping that the likes of Troy Baker and Laura Bailey will be taking a tour of the studio's new mo-cap studio soon.

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