inFAMOUS PlayStation 4 PS4 Sucker Punch

Considering that it was an early title and open world, inFAMOUS: Second Son really proved what the PlayStation 4 is capable of. Sure, it may have been a little lacking in the replay value department, but it was a very enjoyable title – and rightly deserved its Gold Trophy award in our Game of the Year rundown.

Sucker Punch, however, says that, while it's proud of its previous release, it still has "big ambitions" which it hopes to realise with its next PlayStation 4 exclusive. Writing as part of a recruitment advertisement for a senior character texture artist, it explained that it wants to create "jaw dropping" visuals.

There's not an enormous amount else to go on, but we can surmise from previous rumours that its next project will take place in a sandbox setting, and will include plenty of hand-to-hand combat. It's safe to assume that its superhero series will be getting a second outing, then – but do you want Delsin, Fetch, or someone new to take the lead?

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