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Project Morpheus certainly has plenty of promise, but if it stands any chance of succeeding, it will need Sony's full support. The organisation must provide the peripheral with a steady stream of bespoke software, so it's perhaps a good thing that it's seemingly creating a new first-party studio to do just that.

Spotted on PlayStation's recruitment site by an eagle-eyed NeoGAF user, the platform holder is currently recruiting an "experienced graphics engine programmer" for an "ambitious new studio" tentatively titled North West Studio. No, this has nothing to do with Kanye West's kid – it's referring to a regional area in England which comprises several major cities.

Sony actually already has a base in the area – Evolution Studios and SCEE XDev are located in the North West – so it perhaps makes sense for the new developer to occupy a similar space. It's perfectly possible, of course, that this fresh team could be working out of one of the abovementioned organisation's offices – but the language in the job advertisement is clear that this is its own thing.

"Based in the North West of England, we aim to build a small but highly experienced team who want to build great games to showcase [virtual reality]," the flavour text reads. The successful candidate will work as an engine programmer on an unannounced Project Morpheus game, and will apparently be involved in the "pre-production" stages. This means that you won't be seeing it for a while.

There's not a lot else to go on, but this does perhaps show a long-term commitment to the product from Sony – after all, the headset's due to release sometime next year, so whatever North West Studio comes up with will likely launch as part of the peripheral's second wave of software. What kind of virtual reality games would you like to play? Enter a different dimension in the comments section below.

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