Koei Tecmo's localisation spree continues, this time with word that Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will be marching onto Western Vitas. The title's been rated by the Australian Classification Board, so although we're waiting on official confirmation, it does indeed look like it's happening.

Releasing on the Nintendo 3DS and the Vita in Japan last year, the hack and slasher is something of a spin-off, but it retains much of the typical gameplay that we've come to expect from a Warriors title. There's a focus on custom player characters, and battles tend to play out in slightly more strategic fashion as you're able to switch between different playable officers on the fly.

It goes without saying that we'd go ahead and expect an official announcement in the near future, but are you ready for more samurai action on your handheld? Cut us down in the comments section below.

[source neogaf.com, via gematsu.com]