It's arguably not a point that's being made as much as it should be, but Persona 5 is a big deal for PlayStation. The Japanese role-playing game series is on the very cusp of becoming a smash hit, with Persona 4 being a critical and commercial success not just in Japan, but over here in the West, too.

Exclusive to PlayStation platforms, the stylish adventure has always been slated for a 2015 release, but now we've got an actual launch window to work with. Revealed during SEGA's 2015 earnings statement, the company's expecting the JRPG to release sometime between the beginning of October and the end of December this year, in both Japan and North America.

However, the worrying part is that Europe wasn't even mentioned. If Atlus' track record is anything to go by, we Europeans could be looking at a 2016 launch - in which case this particular author suggests that we pool our resources and commit to some sort of revolution.

In any case, are you hyped for Persona 5? Rob us blind in the comments section below.

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