Crash Bandicoot PS4 PlayStation 4 Vita

This time every year the Internet goes stir crazy over rumours that make very little logical sense. We saw glimpses of that earlier in the week with Shenmue, but this Crash Bandicoot image is even worse. Once again, it revolves around a fuzzy photograph of a projector screen featuring everyone's favourite Converse-wearing rodent. The slogan 'He Will Rise Again' is included underneath, alongside a 24th November release date and a PlayStation 4 and Vita icon.

Despite what you may be reading elsewhere on the web, though, this is a load of nonsense. For starters, the silhouette of the protagonist is a stock image taken from a previous game, so there's no new artwork here. And, yes, the font is accurate – but that's freely available on the web. The most damning thing, however, is the inclusion of a handheld version – which seems unlikely – and the fact that Naughty Dog is listed as the developer. Indeed, not only is the studio busy on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End right now, but we doubt that it'll ever make a mascot platformer again.

That's not to say that a new Crash Bandicoot is impossible. Sony's clearly aware of the demand for the brand, and while Activision owns the rights to the series, we're confident that it's held countless discussions with the publisher about the possibility of buying them back. Until either party comes to an agreement, though, you're probably going to have to make do with the PSone titles. To be fair, they are still fun...