Older and wiser

Remember the old lady standing in the background of the Outerworld Marketplace arena in Mortal Kombat X? You can use her as a weapon against your enemies, tossing her in the direction of your foes to do some additional damage. But as of the game's latest PlayStation 4 patch, NetherRealm Studios has transformed Blanche into a Weapon of Mass Destruction – by giving her a Brutality.

To use the senior citizen as a finisher, all you need to do is employ at least two stage interactables during a bout, and then land your final blow with the ghastly grey top. She'll either cause your opponent to explode, or punch them repeatedly in the face before wiping her visage free of various bits of viscera. It's a nice little Easter egg which is a welcome addition to the brawler. The question is: have you got the skills to pull it off?

[source youtube.com]