Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 PlayStation 4

We live in a world where games can be taken to court for their graphics not being good enough, and Killzone: Shadow Fall is one such release. Those of you with sharp memories may recall the Guerrilla Games developed PlayStation 4 exclusive being sued to the tune of $5 million because its multiplayer employed a "temporal upscale" solution. This meant that its advertised "native 1080p" image actually dropped to 960x1080 – although it even took sites like Digital Foundry a little while to notice.

True, you could argue that Sony was being misleading here – but we reckon that taking the company to court is a touch harsh, especially seeing as the game looks great across the board. It's fortunate, then, that Courthouse News is reporting that Judge Edward Chen "signed a joint stipulation that dismisses lead plaintiff Douglas Ladore's lawsuit with prejudice". Both parties will have to pay their own legal costs, and there are no details pertaining to the exact nature of the settlement, but this is the end of the story.

The consequence of all this is that you're now going to hear terminology like "targeting native 1080p" a lot more than you used to. Trust us: listen to official broadcasts such as the PlayStation Blogcast, where that phrase has become increasingly more common since all of this nonsense started.

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