Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4

Killzone: Shadow Fall may not be the best game on the PlayStation 4, but it undoubtedly ranks among the best looking. It seems that not everyone’s quite so keen on the first-person shooter’s uber-clean depiction of the future, however, as Sony is being sued over the next-gen exclusive’s graphics. Only in America, huh?

The suit, filed by a particularly antsy Californian resident named Douglas Ladore, claims that the platform holder lied about the game by advertising that it would run at 1080p. Now, the release does run at the aforementioned resolution, however it uses a trick during multiplayer to maintain image quality and boost the framerate to 60 frames-per-second. It’s such a cheeky solution that no one even noticed until months after release.

Digital Foundry eventually cracked the code, though, concluding that the online mode runs at 960 by 1080, rather than the usual 1920 by 1080. Guerrilla Games, who made the game, later wrote an incredibly in-depth blog post about the process, describing in detail how the solution works and why it employed it. Alas, the lawsuit claims that the Japanese giant’s marketing materials – which haven’t been adapted – are “nothing but fiction”.

And so, the case is seeking $5 million in damages for negligent misrepresentation, false advertisement, unfair competition, and fraud in the inducement. Fascinatingly, the suit was filed by law firm Edelson PC, who long-time readers will remember taking Sony and EA Games to court over a free copy of Battlefield 1943.

To be honest, if the clearly very bored company had tried to sue the PlayStation maker over Killzone: Shadow Fall’s terrible free falling segment, we reckon that they’d probably have a case. In this instance, we’re sort of hoping that a squad of particularly angry Helghast soldiers have a stern word with everyone involved.