Batman Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 PS4 Dual Play

Rocksteady Studios made an almost perfect Batman game on its first attempt, so it must have been tough for the British developer to try and improve on that in subsequent sequels. Batman: Arkham City amplified the whole affair, tossing in more side missions than the previous instalment and building a much bigger playpen for you to patrol. Meanwhile, the forthcoming PlayStation 4 title Batman: Arkham Knight is throwing the Batmobile into the mix.

But what about the series' iconic combat? Well, regular readers will already know about the new Dual Play mechanic, which was announced earlier in the month. This essentially allows you to toggle between the Dark Knight and a few of his sidekicks, and in the video embedded below, you'll get a good look at Nightwing. The neat thing about the feature is that your combo will persist between characters, allowing you to build up to a tag-team takedown.

While there's no co-op functionality here – the computer will take control of the superhero that you don't currently have selected – this should add some variety to the property's punch-ups, as even from this short clip, it's clear that the different characters will have access to unique moves. Who are you most looking forward to fighting alongside? Throw a batarang in our general direction in the comments section below.