"You picked the wrong night to p*** me off"

Batman: Arkham Knight's brooding protagonist may cut an introverted figure, but this brand new trailer for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 foray proves that justice is best served in pairs. The clip shows the big-eared hero fighting alongside Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman – and appears to allude to tag-team attacks. Co-op is yet to be announced for the title, so we're assuming that these are special finishers that you can perform with computer-controlled accomplices.

To be honest, there's not an enormous amount else for us to glean from this clip, but we will point out just how desperately moody the whole thing looks. Between the never-ending night and constant downpour, we are starting to ponder whether the escapade's emo-side will get a bit fatiguing. Hopefully the full game will have a bit more environmental variety than what developer Rocksteady Studios is showing in trailers, because we're starting to tire of the gritty urban setting.

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