Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity 2.0 launched on the PlayStation Vita yesterday after a last-minute announcement on the PlayStation Blog. The game – which is a GameStop exclusive – will set you back $59.99, but you may be wondering if the port is up to scratch. Well, streamer jojopetv has uploaded a good two hours of footage from the port via the PlayStation TV, and we've embedded it below for your perusal pleasure.

In truth, it looks a little bit rough. In addition to a blurry image – no doubt accentuated by the fact that it's not being played on a native handheld screen – the framerate looks a little all over the place. The full experience very much appears to be present, though, including the popular Toy Box mode, as well as support for various different figurines. Considering the price, it may be worth a punt – but perhaps only if you've already got a stack of collectible characters that you want to take out on the road.

[source youtube.com]