Formula Fusion PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Ever since the sad disbandment of Studio Liverpool a few years back, there's been a futuristic racing shaped hole on the PlayStation 4. But thanks to R8 Games, the Middlesbrough-based studio comprising of a gaggle of ex-Sony employees, we could be getting something similar soon. You may recall our previous post on Formula Fusion, the WipEout-inspired speedster currently undergoing a crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter. Well, eight days away from its completion, it's currently raised £50,000 in donations – but it needs to double that target if it's to secure a full console release in 2016.

Without the hype of, say, Yooka-Laylee behind it, the company's going to have its work cut out – but perhaps some pre-alpha gameplay footage will convince you to part with your hard-earned cash. The visuals look very basic at the minute, but the gameplay seems smooth, with the air-braking from Psygnosis' series very much present and correct. The developer's convinced legendary graphics firm The Designer's Republic to contribute to the project, so there's promise and pedigree here. It's going to need to drum up a lot more support if it stands any chance of hitting that abovementioned Stretch Goal, though.

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