Hot lap

If the good weather refuses to return in your part of the world, then Beach Buggy Racing should lift your mood. Vector Unit's adorable kart racer is due out on the PlayStation 4 from 29th May in North America, where it will retail for $9.99. There's no word on Europe just yet, but we do know that the PlayStation Store can update on any day of the week now, so there's still hope.

Despite being based upon a free-to-play smartphone game, the developer has totally retuned the experience, ridding it of obnoxious microtransactions and stamina metres. There'll be a Platinum Trophy for you to unlock, as well as four-player multiplayer and an expanded career mode. To be honest, there's not much else like this on the PS4 yet, so it's arriving at the right time.

Update (20:00PM BST): Vector Unit's just contacted us to confirm that the European release date is set for the 29th May as well.