PlayStation Store Europe North America

We've noticed a change on the PlayStation Store of late. It used to be in the days of yore that games and add-on packs deployed on Tuesday in North America and Wednesday in Europe. Sony set up this schedule eons ago, and it's remained more or less unchanged in the years since. However, we've started to see more and more content launch simultaneously of late; Life Is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory arrived yesterday on both sides of the Atlantic, as did Destiny: House of Wolves. And now the PlayStation Vita version of Octodad: Dadliest Catch is set to deploy globally on the same day, too.

There have been many historical instances of simultaneous PlayStation Store updates in the past, of course – worldwide launches such as The Order: 1886 or even The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have seen Sony adding retail titles to its various storefronts on the same day around the globe. Moreover, non-Wednesday updates are quite common in Europe, as physical games typically release later in the week in the region. When it comes to digital-only games and DLC, though, there's almost always been a 24 hour wait in the Old World.

But things are changing, and there's proof on the PlayStation Blog. Asked whether Young Horses had got the European release date of its aforementioned handheld port wrong, co-founder Phil Tibitoski said: "Pretty sure they changed it so that the store can update any day globally now." SCEE's Fred Dutton, who's in charge of the PlayStation Blog, later chipped in: "Indeed, you'll be seeing regular Tuesday releases from now on." So, the thumb twiddling in Europe may be a thing of the past? It certainly seems that way, but we've reached out to Sony for more information, and we'll update when we know more.