Big squid

Gaming's most peculiar parent will be stretching an abnormally spindly leg to the PlayStation Vita next week, as Octodad: Dadliest Catch steps out of the water and onto Sony's flagship handheld. Available from 26th May in both Europe and North America, the title will be fully cross-buy compatible, meaning that you'll already own it if you previously purchased the indie hit on the PlayStation 4.

You'll have plenty of reason to try and deceive your nearest and dearest all over again, too, as the release will boast a brand new set of Trophies for you to unlock. There'll also be local co-op support centred around a single machine, meaning that you'll – in the words of creator Phil Tibitoski – be able to "wobble your favourite dad through everyday life while rubbing shoulders with a real life friend". The kind of thing dreams are made of.

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