Dangan Kuma Punch

According to CEO of NIS America, Takuro Yamashita, there's an appetite for Japanese visual novels here in the West. Talking with MCV, the company president praised the Danganronpa games for making "visual novels popular with Western gamers".

If you're not in the know, the visual novel genre is generally made up of text-based titles, where character dialogue and storytelling take precedence over traditional gameplay - many also feature player choice and branching narrative outcomes. And, as far as we're concerned, the aforementioned Danganronpa games are easily some of the best to reach our shores.

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Speaking of which, the combined sales of both Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair have totalled over 200,000 in North America and Europe - a decent figure when you consider how niche the Vita exclusive titles are. "NISA is known for publishing niche JRPGs like Disgaea, but now we're shifting the system towards visual novels after the success of Danganronpa," said Yamashita.

Do you agree with the CEO's words, or are you uninterested in visual novels? Spout your favourite Monokuma lines in the comments section below.

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