Sparks fly

It’s been a little while since inFAMOUS: Second Son sprinted onto the PlayStation 4 and dazzled us with its neon effects, and as such, following the release of spin-off inFAMOUS: First Light, it seems that Seattle-based studio Sucker Punch is finally starting to think about its next PlayStation 4 project. A new job listing on the organisation’s official website suggests that it’s busy planning out a sandbox game – try to act surprised.

The advert – for a Narrative Writer – states that the successful applicant will be responsible for collaborating “with content designers, writers, and creative staff, in creating original narrative content and believable characters for an open world game”. It stresses that candidates must have a good understanding of the genre, and must be capable of writing and editing “compelling and unique dialogue for a diverse cast”.

There were definitely hints towards the end of this year’s superhero escapade that we’d be seeing protagonist Delsin Rowe again, but, personally, we’d like to see the sequel centre on starlet Fetch. Sure, her powers may not be quite as diverse as Troy Baker’s alter-ego, but we reckon that she’s actually a much more interesting character. Also, we can’t get enough of those punk rock pink bangs.

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