Epic fail

Not got the time to learn Mortal Kombat X's fairly straightforward fatalities? You'll be able to buy 'Easy Fatalities' from the PlayStation Store. The consumable – which, in fairness, can also be obtained in-game via the Krypt – will cost you $0.99 for five time saving finishers and $4.99 for 30 manoeuvres. Pretty darn gross, huh?

There are other add-ons available at launch, too: the Kombat Pack – which we already know about – grants early access to four playable characters for $29.99, including the Predator and Jason Voorhees; Goro, a pre-order bonus, can be purchased for $4.99; Blue Steel Sub-Zero is yours for $1.99; all Krypt items can be unlocked for $19.99.

NetherRealm's made a meaty game here – perhaps more so than any other first edition fighting game in recent memory – so it's hard to get too outraged over these optional transactions, but IGN points out that, in addition to the main game, you're looking at about $122.95 to get access to everything that the title has to offer. Vote with your wallets, guys.

[source uk.ign.com]