"Gimme all the gongs"

NetherRealm's one of those developers that always goes the extra mile. Its games may not quite stack up with the likes of Street Fighter when it comes to the tactical underpinnings, but it always stuffs its titles to the brim with content – and it looks like Mortal Kombat X will be no different. In fact, at launch, the PlayStation 4 version will boast 61 Trophies, which is more than the average game.

It's achieved this by plumping up for mostly Bronze gongs, but just browsing through the list makes it abundantly clear how much there'll be to do in the retail release. From the rule-changing challenge towers to the story mode and online options, this should keep you occupied for hundreds of hours. Well, at least until that PS4 edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV rocks up, eh? Speaking of which, what has happened to that?

[source psnprofiles.com]