Witcher 3 Death

In the third and final instalment of GameSpot's fantastic The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video series, even more juicy details have been uncovered. This time around, it's all about the gameplay that's found in the massive open world role-playing title.

For starters, the publication mentions that there are eight to ten main story quests, but before you go into rage mode, know that these quests sound like they're stretched out rather dramatically by secondary tasks. For example, one main story mission may give you the option of tracking down information from two separate sources, and you'll need to decide which to follow before heading back into the storyline. You'll even be able to follow these secondary quests further, as they branch out into their own narrative. Beware, though, as your actions may have a large impact on the main storyline, even if you don't bother to see these optional tasks through.

As for the quests themselves, they don't scale. What this means is that each mission has a recommended level, telling you how powerful you should probably be before tackling them. So, unlike many other open world RPGs, enemies won't scale to your level, so you'll need to be extra careful if you decide to take on a quest that's far beyond your current abilities. It's also said that Geralt's own level will be capped at 60.

Lastly, you'll be able to continue playing the game even when the main story is over, going back to explore the world and finish off quests that you may have missed or left incomplete. In other words, prepare to lose weeks of your life to this behemoth of a release.

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