This was pretty much our reaction, too

Two titles are dominating the headlines this weekend for polar opposite reasons: Call of Duty: Black Ops III for its impending announcement – and Silent Hills for its seemingly inevitable cancellation. Hot on the heels of demo P.T.'s imminent removal from the PlayStation Store, acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro – who was involved with the project alongside Hideo Kojima – has apparently told an audience at the San Francisco International Film Festival that the survival horror is dead.

The news comes courtesy of a Twitter quote from an attendee at the panel, which is admittedly a shaky source. However, we've checked the SFIFF's schedule, and the coveted movie maker was due to talk at the Castro Theatre overnight. He apparently said this: "[Silent Hills] is not going to happen and it breaks my greasy heart." This is, of course, the second game with del Toro's involvement to be cancelled; THQ's inSane never saw the light of day either.

It's entirely possible that the director may have been misquoted here, but given everything that's going on with publisher Konami at the moment, it seems more likely that the game really has been canned. We'll reach out to the publisher now in order to try and get some confirmation – but we're not exactly expecting a response on a Sunday. After all, only muppets like us work over the weekend.

Update (20:45PM BST): An IGN source has shed a little more light on Guillermo del Toro's comments on Silent Hills. Apparently, the director was referring to his collaboration with Hideo Kojima when he said that "it's not going to happen". This means that the game could, in theory, still be in production. We'll keep trying to get a comment from Konami.

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