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Here at Push Square Towers, we like to go the extra mile. We may have already reported on April 2015's roster of free PlayStation Plus software, but in the rush of breaking news, we don't get a chance to go into much detail in the moment. That's why we always follow up our original story with a fuller feature, outlining each of the titles that you can expect to be playing as part of your premium subscription. Let's get down to business, shall we?

PlayStation 4

Tower of GunsCross-buy with PS3

Psplus Apr Fea 2

We love guns, and we're quite partial to towers (especially of the Wicked Zinger variety), so Tower of Guns sounds like a match made in heaven. Described by its two-man development team as a "lunch break first-person shooter", the randomly generated affair sees you face off against an angry, armed apartment building. Fear estate, innit.

Never Alone

Psplus Apr Fea 3

An Alaskan adventure inspired by the Iñupiaq, this touching puzzle platformer takes you on a journey with a kindly Arctic fox, and explores all sorts of indigenous folklore along the way. Much like last month's Valiant Hearts: The Great War, this release aims to educate as much as entertain – an aspect of the medium that's so often underutilised.

PlayStation 3


Psplus Apr Fea 4

Ignore the missing 'u' in the title of Arkane's sneaky series, and you'll find a refreshing stealth excursion heavily inspired by the old-school Thief releases here. Dunwall, a steampunk whaling hotspot inspired by Victorian Britain, is as much a character as protagonist Corvo Attano here, as you slowly unravel its secrets one assassination at a time.

Aaru's AwakeningCross-buy with PS4

Psplus Apr Fea 5

Originally a school project dreamed up by a group of Icelandic students, Aaru's Awakening has come a long way since such humble beginnings – teleporting its way into the PlayStation Plus free software selection. Set in the hand-drawn world of Lumenox, you'll control a mythical creature through this challenging 2D platforming experience.

PlayStation Vita

Killzone: Mercenary

Psplus Apr Fea 6

The best Killzone game? Guerrilla Cambridge's portable first-person shooter is certainly up there with Killzone 2, as its gun-for-hire motif sees you changing allegiance based on whoever's willing to pay the big bucks. With a replayable campaign and a surprisingly solid multiplayer suite, this is one freebie that jaded war veteran Rico couldn't even grumble about.


Psplus Apr Fea 7

In development in Santiago, Chile, MonsterBag is a puzzle platformer which sees you guide a blue ogre named V through a slew of public places. You'll need to get the misunderstood monster to the lovely Nia, but it won't be easy with everyone out to get you. Fortunately, you'll have a handful of telekinetic powers to help you on your journey. It's alright for some, isn't it?

Arguably not the most eventful month in the history of Sony's membership service, then, but there are a couple of gems up for grabs here. The question is: which titles have taken your fancy – and which will you be plopping right in the rubbish bin? Let us know in the comments section below.

Which PS Plus title are you most looking forward to in April? (53 votes)

  1. Tower of Guns17%
  2. Never Alone40%
  3. Dishonored8%
  4. Aaru’s Awakening6%
  5. Killzone: Mercenary26%
  6. MonsterBag4%

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