PlayStation Plus April 2015

PlayStation Plus – on a Tuesday afternoon? To say that today's update has caught us by surprise is an understatement, but heck, we installed a big 'Stop Press' button in Push Square Towers for a reason. The lineup, then: Tower of Guns, the fast-paced first-person shooter, and Never Alone will both be free on the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, fans of Sony's next-gen system will also get Aaru's Awakening, which will also be downloadable on the PlayStation 3. As mentioned earlier in the month, Dishonored will be up for grabs on Sony's last-gen system as well, while Killzone Mercenary and Monster Bag will round out the selection on the Vita.

You'll be able to download these goodies from 7th April in North America and 8th April in Europe. But we suppose that the big question is: what do you think of this little selection? Have a think and then try to be nice in the comments section below. We'll be off cowering in the corner while the disappointment sets in.

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