Batman Arkham Knight PS4 DLC

Sony's marketing arrangement with Batman: Arkham Knight has already spawned a swish silver system, but the Japanese giant's also locked up some "exclusive" content for the upcoming release. This will, of course, be timed – and an image uploaded on explains that that will remain the case "until at least Fall 2015". Paying to keep goods off other consoles – not exactly cool.

Still, let's overlook the shady business dealings for a second and take a look at what's actually up for grabs, which is much more interesting. We already know about the Scarecrow missions, but we're absolutely loving the Adam West-inspired character skin and Batmobile. There'll also be a Justice League 3000 outfit available early on the PS4.

We suppose that a maximum six month timed exclusive isn't the end of the world, so if you were planning on buying this elsewhere, you probably shouldn't feel too disheartened. We're assuming that the majority of you reading this will be purchasing the game on Sony's next-gen system, though – in which case, you've got some pretty nifty extras to look forward to.

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