Titanfall 2 PS4 PlayStation 4

Titanfall 2 is in development, and it will release on the PlayStation 4. At least, that's according to Respawn Entertainment gaffer Vince Zampella, who was speaking with IGN ahead of the BAFTA Game Awards, which are scheduled to take place in London later tonight. The first game in the series launched on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC – but the ex-Infinity Ward executive seemed frustrated that behind closed doors business deals had blocked a PlayStation release. It doesn't look like that'll be happening again.

"We're working on a sequel," he told the publication. "No official name yet, but we're working on that. That's the main focus, but we're starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff, too. Small, exploratory – [we're] taking it slow. It'll be multiplatform."

Elsewhere in the interview, Zampella wouldn't be drawn on whether the sequel will include a single player component this time. "We put some single player elements in [the original], and tried to mix it up. Maybe we could have mixed things up a bit better because some people blew right by it and didn't even see it because there was so much action happening around it. It's tough, because if you hit people over the head with it it becomes intrusive, and there are people who don't want or care about it."

The veteran concluded that it hasn't quite figured out the solution yet, but we're sure that it'll be a huge focus of its brainstorming sessions as it builds the sequel. One thing that it is more confident of, however, is that free maps may be the way forward for first-person shooters. "I think that having the maps like that in [premium] packs, it does split the community and it makes it harder for matchmaking – it's messy. Yeah. I don't know that we won't do it again – I can't say that for sure – but the idea would be to do something different [next time]."

Judging by Zampella's comments, it seems like the project is still very early. All we know for now, then, is that a new Titanfall is in development – and that it's finally coming to the PS4. Are you excited? Drop a titan in the comments section below.

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