PlayStation Mobile 1

It started out with a bevy of big indie names like FuturLab, Laughing Jackal, and Vlambeer behind it, but PlayStation Mobile has run out of credit. Sony announced overnight that it won't be publishing any more content following 15th July, and from 10th September, you won't even be able to re-download any of the titles that you bought. Welcome to the digital future.

If you want to preserve your purchases, you'll need to download them to your desired device and authenticate them by following the steps through here. You'll then be able to play the content in perpetuity – well, as long as your memory card remains intact. Developers will be unable to access the PSM DevPortal – a community for creators – from 30th November.

With titles like Surge and Tokyo Jungle Mobile under its belt, there's no doubt that PlayStation Mobile started out with a bang. However, despite beginning life as a means to bridge the gap between mobile and handheld development, the manufacturer killed off Android support last year. As such, it's no real surprise to see the entire initiative collapse.

The problem is that Sony, again, didn't properly support the programme. It was a good idea: a curated storefront full of great mobile games that could be played on PlayStation-Certified smartphones and tablets, as well as the Vita. But with no native Trophy or PlayStation Network support, it felt undercooked, and most indie studios moved on after an initial batch of releases.

Will you be sad to see PlayStation Mobile go, or did you give up paying attention to this a long time ago? Put us on blast in the comments section below.

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