PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation Mobile has been dead for a good while now, but Sony’s more or less pulled the cord today. Originally intended to offer a curated content hub on PlayStation-certified phones and tablets, the platform holder quietly announced this morning that there’s a “possibility that content may not work correctly with devices that have been updated to Android OS version 4.4.3 or later”. In other words, it’s dead.

To make matters worse, if you update your handset, it sounds like you may lose access to the PlayStation Store, and subsequently the ability to download any titles that you may have already purchased. Of course, this sort of thing is always a possibility when a separate ecosystem exists within an external operating system, but that will come as scant consolation to the people that have invested money into the service.

Still, the manufacturer notes that by essentially killing PlayStation Mobile, it will now have more resources to invest into the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. We suppose that that means that the part-time intern who was previously in charge of the Japanese giant’s smartphone push is now going to have a different set of tasks to learn. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

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