"I know our holiday lineup"

"I've got a friend who's got a friend who's got a friend that works at Sony – and they say that you should expect some big unannounced PlayStation 4 exclusives this Christmas." To be honest, we're not in the habit of reporting on hearsay, but this is topical, so we'll give MCV editor Christopher Dring's off-the-cuff Twitter comments a couple of column inches.

He wrote on social media yesterday: "If you think that Sony will go into Christmas without a big AAA PS4 game, then you're wrong." He was obviously referring to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's delay, which leaves the end of the year looking a little, well, empty. "I have been told that they have a line-up of big games for Q4, some unannounced. I unfortunately don't know what they are."

It's not exactly the most confident rumour ever – 'Platform Holder in Will Publish Games Shocker' – but Dring is a big enough name in the UK industry to perhaps be in the know. "From what I understand, they have several unannounced titles for Xmas," he reiterated as the rumour started to gather pace overnight. "Some bigger than others."

With the folks at Naughty Dog pushing Nathan Drake's latest foray back until Spring 2016, things are looking a bit barren for the PS4 this Christmas – purely from a first-party perspective. All of its internal studios are working on games, though, so we're confident that it'll have something with clout in the pipeline – The Last Guardian, anyone? Nah, that's just as speculative as this entire article.

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