Spotify PlayStation 4 PS4

You'll have a little bit of time to put together your perfect PlayStation playlist, as PlayStation France is reporting that Spotify won't launch on Sony's systems until 30th May. The platform holder's own Music Unlimited service will shutdown this month to make way for the new PlayStation Music platform, but it looks like you're going to have to make do with the PlayStation 4's USB Music Player in the interim.

We've tagged this as a rumour because it's possible that PlayStation France may have got its wires crossed – after all, the Ask PlayStation account recently told a member that Spotify would launch "very soon" after the closure of Music Unlimited. We guess that this depends on what Sony's definition of "very soon" is, eh? Either way, we'd expect news about this to be announced soon, and naturally you'll find all of the deets on Push Square. That's right, deets.

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