Guitar Hero PS4 PlayStation 4

Guitar Hero PlayStation 4 will plug in and practice a few power chords on 1st April, an invitation received by Gamereactor UK suggests. The site – which has since pulled its article – reported that Activision will be holding an event at "Hamburg Rock City" where it suggested that attendees should be ready to "rock the shack with us". That quote wouldn't look out of place in Life Is Strange, would it?

The reality is that a new entry in the publisher's rhythm series has been rumoured for a while, with an announcement previously pegged for E3 2015. With creator Harmonix already busy peddling Rock Band 4, though, the firm may have decided to bring its reveal forwards. Even though it's been five years, we're not sure that we're ready for a new Battle of the Band (Games) – but it looks like that's what we're going to get anyway. Yay?

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