Guitar Hero PS4 PlayStation 4

Activision is tuning up a new entry in the Guitar Hero series for the PlayStation 4, separate sources have told Kotaku. Apparently, the reboot – which will adopt a more realistic style – will be officially announced at E3 2015, and will come with a brand new round of plastic peripherals for use on Sony's next-gen system. Bizarrely, this follows reports that fierce competitor Rock Band is also due a comeback soon.

If true, the aforementioned publication adds that the shred-'em-up will deploy before the end of the year, marking it the franchise's first full entry in five years. The series was put on hiatus in 2010 after Warriors of Rock flopped, and developers NetherRealm and RedOctane were both subsequently shuttered. Apparently, the title's being developed by one of the publisher's West Coast studios, which rules out the possibility of creator Harmonix being brought back into the fold.

There had been some speculation that the Massachusetts-based studio could have been tasked with rebooting Activision's brand rather than its own series, but it looks like instead, we could be heading for another battle of the bands. Is your living room ready for more plastic instruments, though? Strum a few power chords in the comments section below.