Gravity Rush PS4 PlayStation 4

The outstanding (but criminally underrated) Gravity Rush looks like it's finally ready to turn your gaming world upside down again. Eagle eyed posters on NeoGAF spotted a submission for a Gravity Rush Remaster on the Korean ratings board. The platform, as has been rumoured for eons now, is listed as the PlayStation 4.

Team Gravity – formerly known as Team Siren – announced a sequel to protagonist Kat's topsy-turvy adventure a few years back, but it always seemed likely that production would switch to Sony's next-gen device. It looks like we'll be getting a remake of the original Vita game first, then, followed hopefully by a full sequel down the line.

There's not a whole lot else for us to glean from the classification, other than that these are rarely wrong. There have been instances of games getting ratings and never releasing, but examples are thin on the ground. As such, you should probably expect the platform holder to make an official announcement imminently.


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