Feline fine

Yesterday we reported on a 4gamer article in which Team ICO director Fumito Ueda blatantly teased us about The Last Guardian. We thought that was absolutely everything that we could glean from the gargantuan report, but it seems that it was in fact home to a veritable smorgasbord of juicy information. And luckily for you, our secret crack team of translators have been hard at work all night to uncover another gem.

Gravity Rush 2 was announced at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, but we haven't heard a great deal about the hotly anticipated sequel since then. However, the Japanese giant is quick to assure us that development on the new game is progressing nicely. "The team is preparing and the systems are being put in place for the next title, and things are going smoothly," creative director Keiichiro Toyama said. "2014 seems to be a year that will be dedicated to production in earnest, but I’ll work hard to meet everyone’s expectations."

And those expectations will definitely be sky-high. We absolutely adored the original game, so at this point we're getting frissons over the thought of more gravity defying antics. But what about you? Are you looking forward to Gravity Rush 2, or do you think that it looks utterly weightless? Get catty in the comments section below.

[source 4gamer.net, via dualshockers.com]