In demand

As part of a publicity stunt that had this humourless host grinning like a Cheshire cat, humble German developer Deck 13 has offered video game veteran Hideo Kojima a job. The studio, which is perhaps best known for the decent Dark Souls clone Lords of the Fallen, has extended a hand to the ousted Metal Gear maker, noting that it has an "open position" as Head of Game Design.

While the studio's clearly got its tongue firmly embedded in its cheek, it's crazy to think that one of gaming's greatest names is going to be seeking employment soon. Sources claimed last week that he'd leave Konami in December, marking the end of a near 30 year tenure. While we doubt that he'll be moving to Germany, though, we don't reckon that he'll be out of work for long.

Most likely is that he'll create his own studio, and we reckon that pretty much every major publisher in the industry will be willing to help him to get the ball rolling. If we were Sony, we'd honestly use some of those PS4 profits to sign him a blank cheque – but after years of working in a big company, there's a chance that he may simply want to go it alone. We'll have to wait and see.

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