Looking good

Frieza's already returned once after supposedly dying alongside the planet Namek, but even then, he was cut to ribbons by Trunks in just a few seconds. The intergalactic baddie will be having another shot at revenge, though, in the upcoming Dragon Ball feature film, subtitled Resurrection of 'F'.

And so, it only makes sense that Frieza's new golden form will be making an appearance in Dragon Ball XenoVerse. While we're still waiting on the title's second DLC pack to launch, which is supposedly deploying in the near future, the game's third batch of downloadable content will feature the resurrected evil alien himself.

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The news comes via the latest Shonen Jump magazine, which also spills the beans on what else we can expect from the DLC. Alongside more unannounced playable characters, the pack will add Jaco the Galactic Patrolman to the roster, who's another of artist Akira Toriyama's creations. It'll also feature a new master, five new parallel quests, thirteen new skills, and equipment from the upcoming movie.

Are you still patrolling time in XenoVerse? Are you excited at the prospect of playing as Frieza in his almighty new form? Tell us that we've got five minutes before the planet explodes in the comments section below.

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