Cheer up, Miss. Moody

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD wouldn't be such a tantalising proposition without its promised Final Fantasy XV demo, and Square Enix clearly thought that it needed to throw in some fresh footage from the forthcoming sequel in order to get people to watch this trailer. You'll need to sit through a few seconds of a wailing soldier before getting to the meat, but the payoff is more than worth the wait.

In the short but sweet clip, you'll see Noctis and crew sharing fist bumps as they take on an enemy several times their size. You'll also get another look at mechanic Cidney, as the title's testosterone fuelled party take their wheels for a much needed once over. Square Enix's long awaited PlayStation Portable port will launch in March on the PlayStation 4, with the hotly anticipated Episode Duscae demo available out of the box.